The program welcomes all young professionals who are interested in the development sector. Successful candidates would have a deep and critical understanding of the social impact sector and development issues and fluency in one or more of the regional languages will be preferred.

We do not prefer any one major over another, but rather seek students from a variety of disciplines, experiences, and problem-solving methods. We value creative problem solving, hard work and initiative, and teamwork. We are looking for candidates who have embodied these characteristics in principle and practice.

There is no minimum GPA/CGPA/Percentage for applicants. However, the application process is competitive.

Ideal candidates are creative problem-solvers who are highly motivated, persistent when faced with challenges, collaborative, flexible, comfortable with ambiguity, and driven by a desire to make the world a better place. Candidates will be selected on the basis of attributes including academic excellence, creativity, integrity, critical thinking, in-demand skills, work experience and the ability to work on a team.

Application Process

Interviews will be held either virtually or at the CSF office in Delhi.

For the online application, applicants need to submit their CV, SOP and the Assignment output in PDF format.

Your resume must illustrate your professional experience and education, along with other important elements like key achievements, publications (not mandatory), extracurricular activities, language proficiency, technical skills, and leadership roles held by you.

Through your cover letter we want to understand what drives you to apply for the Education Impact Leadership Program (EILP) and skills that make you a successful applicant. If you have any specific domain expertise and interests that we should know about, please indicate the same in your cover letter.

You can access the assignment on the following page (click here)


The duration of the Program will be for a period of two years starting June 2021

State allocation will happen on a need basis based on candidates’ prior experience and fluency in local language. Consultants will be placed in capital cities of our partner states.

The responsibility of finding an accommodation lies with the project consultants. The Salary provided as part of the program is inclusive of HRA

Since project consultants will be working directly with the state machinery, the designated work space will depend on the arrangement that the state and CSF arrive at.

Consultants will be provided with a laptop for the period of the program.

Project Consultants will report directly to the State Project Lead.

Project Consultants will be based out of the state capital, and will be required to undertake travel for field visits, training etc. Any cost with respect to travel within the state or inter state will be reimbursed by CSF. (This does not include cost of travel to the primary place of work)

The work performance of all project consultants will be evaluated periodically. The employees will participate in a formal performance review at least once every year.

In addition to the designated public holidays based on their allocated state, Consultants will receive Fifteen days of sick / vacation on a monthly pro-rate basis. Any leave taken in excess of above shall be treated as unpaid leave. Encashment of leave at the end of the year or at the time of separation is not followed at Central Square Foundation.

The program shall enable Consultants to develop critical-thinking, build understanding of Governance and policy implementation as well as stakeholder management. These skills are desirable particularly bin the domain of Public sector Consulting, Policy think tanks and Governance Advisory services. Consultants shall also have opportunities to work within CSF and our partner/grantee organizations. The Program is also a steep learning experience for anyone looking to apply for Graduate programs in top Universities in India and abroad especially in the policy schools, business schools, etc.